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Create sensationally fun pictures with animated effects


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If you're hoping to surprise your friends with a new work of art, don't think twice--Photo Graffiti is what you need because it will allow you to add tons of effects and fun animated extras that will give new life to your photos.

Put a cowboy hat with an arrow through it on your friend's head, a turban, a guitar, maybe a bib or a pacifier--you decide, and you won't regret it.

Especially appropriate if there a party soon, your congratulations card will become will be the best one at the party, and will give everyone something to talk about.

Photo Graffiti includes hundreds very fun clipart that are easy to use. Simply choose a category (hats, feet, hands, monsters, parties, etc.) and within each category you can choose the one that you like the most. Once you place it on the photo, you can move it, make it bigger or smaller, rotate it, make it fit the photo the best you can, and enjoy your new creation.

30-day trial version with limited effects.

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